Anyone who has Googled vintage saxophones has surely come across Dr. Paul Cohen.  His saxophone collection, along with his historical research and archives are simply amazing and a treasure that he generously and openly shares with the world, not to mention his mastery of playing of just about every saxophone he owns.  A true artist, teacher, musical publisher & historian… and now also a member of the Connsortia.

Paul’s serial number 7!!!! Conn saxophone ranks in as the oldest known to still exist, and begins our Chronnological Gallery.  We also opened our “Conncentrations on a Horn” section with an in depth look at what has to be the most unique and complex saxophone setup ever built, by the one and only Billy True!

We will be adding all of Paul’s Conn collection to the galleries, and showcasing more of his rare and unique Conn saxophones in our Conncentrations in the months to come.

Check out Paul all over YouTube and also at his To the Fore Publishers website.