We are once again happy to announce another addition to the CONNsortia.  Today we welcome Ray at The Museum of Musical Instrument Engraving… momie.org

Ray has spent countless hours reserching all forms of musical instrument engraving.  We are lucky enough to be able to have added several amazing saxophone engraving examples from his photo collection to our galleries.  And if saxophones alone are not enough for you, check out all the other amazing engraved instruments Ray has assembled at momie.org

The CONNsortia continues to grow daily with new submissions from all over the world.  We get new photos daily from Conn lovers and collectors alike.  Thank you to all of you who have conntributed.  We are really thankful for all of your support and all the great feedback.

You will conntinue to see a lot more on the site VERY soon (hint hint).