The Chronnological Gallery

The world’s largest collection of Conn saxophone engravings

The Chronnological Gallery aims to catalog every possible Conn saxophone engraving from serial numbers 0 to 999,999, The gallery catalogs the rise of the art of instrument engraving from the early days of text, to then ornate floral engravings, culminating in the unparalleled portrait engravings.  From there, the now iconic ‘naked lady’ appears and takes Conn to a period of standard engravings, ending in more cost-effective designs which by and large make instrument engraving at this level a lost art at the manufacturer level.

Today, only a handful of highly skilled artisans conntinue to keep the tradition of instrument engraving alive through individual custom work.  Through cataloging the past, we hope to help all Conn lovers carry the art forward for generations to come.

The Chronological Gallery currently holds examples of saxophone engravings from serial number 000,007 to 999,105.  We hope you find this resource useful and enlightening.

The gallery is grouped by serial number blocks for ease of searching.