We.  Are.  Launched!

We are really excited to be launching this project, a true labor of love for the ‘art on the art’ of Conn.  For us, it is even more inspiring to do something like this during such a global crisis.  To provide a touchpoint for people globally to come togehter and share their love of Conn saxophone engraving is truyly a joy. People from over 40 countries have discovered us so far, from the USA to Vatican City, Pakistan to Argentina, and many in between across 5 of the 7 continents (does anyone play saxophone in Antarctica?).

Since our launch we have received a lot of great feedback and suggestions, and are busily working to provide more and more content.  We are reaching out to everyone in the saxophone community and being received wtih open arms, which is so very encouraging.  Thank you all for your support!

There is a lot of great content coming, being shared from historians, collectors, experts in the field, hobbyists, and the like, many names you already know.  We hope to not only bring you information you may already have seen, but presented in a different format, but to bring you little known information as well.

The section you are in now is our newly added area called ‘The Conntinuum’,  a place for the latest news about the site, along with in-depth features in the Conncentrations on a Horn and Guest Conntributions sections of The Continuum.

Know that we are constantly working behind the scenes to build more and more content, like the addition of Conn saxophone serial number 7, generously added to the CONNsortia galleries by Paul Cohen.  It stands as our reigning oldest saxophone in Connsortia.

You can look expect to see a new gallery very soon, along with more content here in the Continuum.

We do have pages on Facebook & Instagram, and will be sharing some spotlight content from the site there, along with updates of new features, so be sure to follow the links at the bottom of the site and subscribe to those pages for updates.  We will also be working on a notification system on this site so you can be updated on new news.

This is truly a global saxophone commuity project to share knowledge and information with all, and we hope you all come along for the ride.

Do you have an interesting story behind your Conn saxophone?  Please share that with us by going to our Submit Photos/Conntact Us page and let us know, and we might feature you on the Conncentrations of a Horn page.

Thank you all again for the great launch reception, we would love to hear from you, and see your prized Conn saxophones in our galleries!