The Chronnological Gallery

the goal… every horn, every engraving, from 1888 to 1955 in serial number order

The Conn Artists

Without equal, master engravers Charles & Julius Stenberg have reigned supreme for over 100 years as the musical instrument engraving world’s most accomplished artisans

The Many Faces of Lady M

you know the iconic ‘naked lady’, but did you know she has changed so much over the years

An historical cataloging project of Conn saxophone engravings


Welcome to what aims to be the most comprehensive collection of Conn saxophone engraving art in the world.

An idea born in 2020 during Covid-19 with the hopes of bringing the love of Conn saxophones together globally, we begin our quest!

The Chronnological Gallery

At the heart of Connsortia is our chronnological gallery project.

The goal… catalog every single Conn saxophone engraving from 1888 to 1955 – serial numbers 000,000 to 999,999, no matter how ornate or simple.  An amazing journey through the evolution, rise & ultimate fall of one of the most unique art forms by the unparalled leaders in the art.  The collection currently spans serial numbers 000,007-999,105!


The Many Faces of Lady M

The iconic lady in the window, or as most call her now, the ‘naked lady’.  So familiar to many.  But do you really know her?  From small engraver to engraver variances, to smiles, seductive looks and downright angry scowls, to hairstyles that changed over time… see her evolution first hand for the very first time.

The Conn Artists

Without equal, master engravers Charles & Julius Stenberg have reigned supreme for over 100 years as the music world’s most accomplished engraving artisans.  Serving a combined tenure at Conn of over 136 years, they created legendary engravings on all types of instruments.  This gallery chronnicals they lives’ work across the bells of the equally fabled saxophones they embellished.


The First? Naked Lady

Our next Conncentration on a Horn features the earliest serial number we have found with the “iCONNic” Naked Lady engraving.  But is it the first?

As CONNsortia accumulates engravings and catalogs them, we begin to see the evolution of the ‘art on the art’.  The Naked Lady is the most recognizable image associated with Conn saxophones.  Read about her origins and if this one is truly the first here.

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